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Aug. 1, 2014

Lawrence Trail Hawks inaugural Birthday Run is on!! For dues-paying Trail Hawks, their invited guests, and anyone worked who worked aid stations or otherwise volunteered at Trail Hawks events, including the Iron Man! Saturday, Aug. 2, marked course, potluck aid station, 7 am - 5 pm. Run, eat, drink, laugh, repeat.


July 10, 2014

Hey All. This Thursday I think we will switch it up and head out to Clinton Lake to join the Sunflower Outdoor and Bike Shop Trail Running Clinic. They are meeting at 6:00pm so I think it would be great to get out there with some new people, on some different dirt, and maybe pick up some useful tips. As always, bring your water since summer is really heating up.

PS. All are welcome! Not just the ladies!

Hope to see you all there!!


June 25, 2014

I won't be able to make the Wednesday and Saturday runs this week, but I'll be back on the trails Wednesday July 2 for some roarin' repeats. I'm looking to do a 28-mile Lunar Prep night run Saturday July 5, starting at 9 p.m. Details to come. Meanwhile, you can find out about and sign up for Lunar Trek here -

  • Gary

June 13, 2014

Saturday long run, since the Birthday Fat Ass is postponed, will be on the Kansas River levee, zero mile marker to Millaret Farm and back (18 miles) plus a 2-mile out and back to make 20. Start 6:30 am or whenever Bill Loats arrives. Park in the lot off Hwy 59 and Locust (2nd right turn after the bridge), across Locust from the visitors center, and across the highway from Johnny's Tavern. Bring as much water as you can haul. Dry run.


Today's Run

Gal Gallop

Where: Meet in the trailhead parking lot just off 8th & Oak in north Lawrence. Bring a light, it gets dark on the trails!
Click here for directions.

When: 6:30 PM

What: Don't have to be fast or able to run 20 miles for this one. Only requirement is to not be a guy! It's all about having fun in a supportive, non-competitive trail environment. Goes at the pace of the slowest runner -- beginner-friendly. Runs on the Kansas River "Sandrat" trails. Waterbottles or some sort of hydration system is required for the summer and headlamps are required for the winter!

Contact: Sarah "Scoop Hawk" Henning

Next Run

Long Run

Where: Meet at the Corps of Engineers parking lot, Clinton Lake north shore trail head
Click here for directions.

When: Saturday 6:30 AM

What: L(ong) S(low) D(istance) - Normally do about 10 - 30 miles on technical trail, though there are plenty of turn-arounds if you want to go shorter. Run times and locations sometimes change on short notice. Always e-mail the run leader to check time and location before coming out for runs.

Contact: Gary "Story Hawk" Henry

Upcoming Event

Hawk 100-mile / 50-mile / Marathon

Where: Race starts at the Corps of Engineers parking lot at Clinton Lake State Park.
Click here for directions.


100- and 50-mile starts at 6am. Marathon starts at 7am.

All three races are run on a 25 mile loop which is 90% wooded and 10% open. This is a deceptively challenging course. The elevation will add up and the rocks and roots will require your attention. That said, Clinton Lake is a beautiful venue to run at with extremely well-marked and well-maintained trails to enjoy.

Marathoners will cover the extra 1.2 miles before heading onto the loop for their race. Last year I promised a Slip N' Slide on this section and didn't deliver. This year I'm going looking for those huge foam jousting sticks they used on American Gladiators.

The course has three aid stations, one at the start/finish, one at Lands End and one at West Park Road, both of which runners will go through twice. Longest distance between aid stations will be West Park Road to Land's End - approx 6 miles. Shortest distance between aid stations will be approx 2 miles, when the runners do an out-and-back up Bunker Hill from West Park Road.

Aid stations will have most everything you'd expect at an ultra along with limited options for the vegans among you. The one thing I'd suggest you carry with you or put in a drop bag is S-caps and whatever flavor of GU doesn't make you puke after a long day of running. We'll also have hot food for the overnight hours including soup so think you're guaranteed to not be able to puke it back up!

Each aid station will be staffed by experienced ultrarunners and crew who will be more than happy to pop your blisters, feed you M&Ms, tell you you look great when you really don't, and kick you out when you've been lounging for too long.

There will be two drop bag locations not including the start/finish. Drop bags at Lands End will be accessible twice each loop as well drop bags at West Park Road. We learned our lesson the first year and won't share the contents of your drop bag with the local Raccoon population (I still feel really bad about that).

Crews can see their runners at the start/finish and at the West Park Road aid station (approx mile 12). Your crew WILL have to purchase a park pass in order to access the West Park Road aid station! Daily passes go for just under $5.00.

Pacers are allowed after 50 miles or 12 hours (whichever comes first) and may join at either the start/finish or at West Park Road. If you're an out-of-towner and are looking for a local pacer drop a note in the comments and we'll do our best to find you a date guaranteed to spend the rest of the night with you - can't beat that.

100 milers may drop to the 50 during the race but won't qualify for any awards. 100 milers may also drop to the 50 or marathon before the race begins, 50 milers may drop to the marathon before the race begins. 50 milers may not drop to the marathon during the race.

The weather in Kansas in September is, at best, unpredictable. It may be as hot as 100 degrees or nearly freezing. It may have been raining constantly the two weeks leading up to the race or it may not have rained all summer. Anticipate anything and bring an extra pair of socks.

The top three male and female finishers in each race will receive special awards. Sub 24-hour 100 mile finishers will receive a special belt buckle, 24-32 hour 100 mile finishers will receive a belt buckle, 50 mile finishers will receive a special award, and marathon finishers will receive a medal.

There will be a required pre-race briefing and dinner for the 50 and 100 mile entrants the night before the race. Marathon entrants are more than welcome to attend. We will provide the main course(s) (pasta/burgers/hot dogs), we just ask that you bring a side to share. The dinner will be at the start/finish and will begin at 6pm.

We (and the runners) always appreciate volunteers. If you're interested, contact co-RD Coleen Voeks:

Camping is available at Clinton Lake. There are some very nice cabins available as well. Check the state park website at:

Last update: 2013-03-05 - Danny

Click here for course map.