Inaugural Hawk Marathon / 50 mile / 100 mile Trail Run Results

Race date: September 8, 2012

Start time: 06:00 AM

Race distance: 26.2 miles / 50 mile / 100

Race details:

50 and 100 start at 6am. Marathon starts at 7am.

All three races are run on a 25 mile loop which is 90% wooded and 10% open area. This is a deceptively challenging course. The elevation will add up and the rocks and roots will require your attention. That said, Clinton Lake is a beautiful venue to run at with extremely well-marked and well-maintained trails to enjoy.

Marathoners will cover the extra 1.2 miles before heading onto the loop for their race. It's most likely to be all uphill on a Slip 'N Slide, or something equally nefarious.

The course has three aid stations, one at the start/finish, one at Lands End and one at West Park Road, both of which runners will go through twice. Longest distance between aid stations will be West Park Road to Land's End - approx 6 miles. Shortest distance between aid stations will be approx 2 miles, when the runners do an out-and-back up Bunker Hill from West Park Road.

Aid stations will have most everything you'd expect at an ultra along with limited options for the vegans among you. The one thing I'd suggest you carry with you or put in a drop bag is S-caps and whatever flavor of GU doesn't make you puke after a long day of running.

Each aid station will be staffed by experienced ultrarunners and crew who will be more than happy to pop your blisters, feed you M&Ms, tell you you look great when you really don't, and kick you out when you've been lounging for too long.

There will be two drop bag locations not including the start/finish. Drop bags at Lands End will be accessible twice each loop as well drop bags at West Park Road. We learned our lesson the first year and won't share the contents of your drop bag with the local Raccoon population.

Crews can see their runners at the start/finish and at the West Park Road aid station (approx mile 12). Your crew WILL have to purchase a park pass in order to access the West Park Road aid station! Daily passes go for just under $5.00.

Pacers are allowed after 50 miles or 8 hours and may join at either the start/finish or at West Park Road. If you're an out-of-towner and are looking for a local pacer drop a note in the comments and we'll do our best to find you a date guaranteed to spend the rest of the night with you - can't beat that.

100 milers may drop to the 50 during the race but won't qualify for any awards. 100 milers may also drop to the 50 or marathon before the race begins, 50 milers may drop to the marathon before the race begins. 50 milers may not drop to the marathon during the race.

The weather in Kansas in September is, at best, unpredictable. It may be as hot as 100 degrees or nearly freezing. It may have been raining constantly the two weeks leading up to the race or it may not have rained all summer. Anticipate anything and bring an extra pair of socks.

The top three male and female finishers in each race will receive awards. Sub 24-hour 100 mile finishers will receive a special belt buckle, 24-32 hour 100 mile finishers will receive a belt buckle, 50 mile finishers will receive a special award, and marathon finishers will receive a medal.

There will be a required pre-race briefing and dinner for the 50 and 100 mile entrants the night before the race. Marathon entrants are more than welcome to attend. We will provide the main course(s) (pasta/burgers/hot dogs), we just ask that you bring a side to share. The dinner will be at the start/finish and will begin at either 6 or 7pm.

We (and the runners) always appreciate volunteers. If you're interested, contact co-RD Coleen Voeks:

Camping: TBD Course map: Coming Parking: Coming

We have no official course records, as this is the first year doing the four loop course. I would like to point out the 2011 male and female winners times: male - Norman Decelles 23:15:30 and female - Coleen Shaw-Voeks 29:23:06.

Last update: 2012-09-01


See description.

Cut off time: 32 hours for the 100 and the 50.

Location: Clinton Lake - Corps of Engineers parking lot.

View Hawk Marathon/50/100 start/finish in a larger map

Race Directors

Lodging: Lodging information can be found here.


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  • I am thinking of making this event my first 50 mile race. Can you tell me more what "special award" is for the 50 milers? Honestly, I really like a metal for my first 50 mile race. :)

  • medal not metal. Doh!

  • The finisher's award for the 50 is a hand-thrown blue pottery coffee mug, emblazoned with the "Hawk 50," "50 miles as the Hawk flies," and the all-important word -- "finisher." Much nicer than a medal, since you can drink your coffee out of it each morning, and be constantly reminded of your awesomeness.

  • Ed, I have a mug from running the 50 last year. I can attest to the satisfaction gained from being reminded of my awesomeness as I guzzle my third cup of coffee each day.

  • Cool I love the design on the site. Is that the shirt design for the 50 miler too?

  • Thanks Lisa. Indeed that is the same artwork that will be on all three of our t-shirt distances this year.

  • My question would be this.....I have finished 2-100 milers in the alloted amount of time, so if I am NOT in the first 24 finishers I don't get a belt buckle????

  • That is confusing, I'll re-word it. All sub 24-hour finishers will get one type of belt buckle. All 24-32 hour finishers will get another type of buckle.

  • What is the elevation gain there???? Utra runner has this as a a level 1 for elevation and a level 3 for that correct, that it is relatively flat???

  • No sure what the elevation gain/loss is, but certainly not significant compared to mountain races. If I had to guess, I'd say a few thousand feet over the course of a 25-mile lap. Maybe a touch more up and down than Rocky Raccoon, but nowhere near Heartland. Some up and down, and a small hill climb at either end of the course. Terrain varies from runnable to extremely technical ~ I think 1 and 3 are accurate ratings.

  • Quick couple questions on the 50 miler. I'm planning on this being my first 50. I see the pacers are allowed after "50 miles or 8 hours", is that the case for both the 100 and the 50 or can 50 milers have a pacer earlier? That would seem to eliminate the possibility of a pacer for 50 milers. Also, are there cut off times for the 50 miler? If so, can you tell me what they are? I'm very excited about the event, so I'm try to get my plans nailed down so I'm ready!!!

  • Pacers won't be allowed for the 50-miler, only for the 100-miler. Sorry I wasn't clear about that in the description. The cutoff for the 50 will be the same as the 100, so 32 hours.

  • Cool, thanks Danny! Maybe I'll just make someone sign up and run the whole thing with me then!!! I really can't wait for this race!

  • I am also debating this being my first 50 miler. I think first timers should be able to have a pacer the last 20 miles. I am sure the logic for not allowing a pacer is for the top runners and not the newbies.

  • Is there a time limit for the marathon. I am a 70 year old slow runner and will need to walk the extremely technical part.

  • Hi Jim, no time limit. Well, finish in 32 hours, as the 100-mile cutoff is 33 hours and the marathon starts an hour after the 100 and the 50.

  • What airport would you suggest flying into for the race?

  • Good question Emily. Kansas City - MCI. It's about 45 minutes to the lake from the airport.

  • It's actually standard fare, I think, not to allow pacers on a 50 miler. If you are concerned about that, perhaps you can enlist a friend to run the whole thing with you.

  • I would not say it is standard. Lots of 50 mile ultras allow pacers after 30 miles. Unfortunately they are also much farther away.

  • Oh. Huh. I'm not from around here> I guess they're not standard where I'm from. :)

  • Hi Ed- It is actually traditional not to allow pacers for 50 mile races.... many new races are starting to.. heck some even allow pacers for a 50K, but if you look at the history of ultra running, pacers were usually only used for 100 milers. We encourage you to challenge never know what you may discover about your mental and physical strength! -Coleen (co-RD)

  • Hi, I know the below link is for mountain biking but it is pretty descriptive. Could anyone who is familiar with the trail the race is using please rate the trail for me? I don't really have any idea how technical the course is or how runnable. Thanks!

  • Will there be an option for registering last minute for those who may not know if they will be in country until last minute?

  • How close are hotels to start/finish?

  • Thanks Eric! Is this race close to selling out, anyone know? I'm saving up for the entry fee and my flight and am afraid that this will close before I can sign up!

  • No worries DC... we have plenty of room for you!Just keep in mind that the prices go up after August 9th Mike- Clinton Lake is about a 15 minute drive from the heart of Lawrence, so any hotel you choose in the Lawrence area will be no more then 10-20 minute drive. If you choose to stay in KC, it can be as long as a 1 hour drive.


  • Hi all - race guide will be coming out this week. We're up to 61 entrants among the three distances. If you're signed up you'll get an e-mail from me. I'll also post a link from this page. It's getting close!

  • I am not very familiar to Clinton lake. I only went there once for Free state run. Is this almost the same course as Free State run? I know Free state run is not your race and it is about 21miles per lap. It wasn't an very easy course. It's pretty rocky. Thank you.

  • Hi Xiao- the course is on some of the same trails as Freestate, but in different directions and incorporates other trail and areas.. I think you will find it is a very different feeling race!

  • How late can we sign up for the 100? Can we sign up at packet pick-up?

  • Hi Deb, you can signup at packet pickup if you'd like. Can't guarantee a shirt size at this point.

  • Camping - Looks like Capmground #1 is the closest to the start/finish? A few miles away? Do you think I can just try to get a site Friday afternoon, or do I need to reserve it ahead of time? If I'm camping, I assume I need to buy a park pass also, right? Thanks!

  • My wife and I are also planning on camping, but we won't be able to arrive until that evening...From my understanding a $7 park pass is needed for camping, but I have no clue on if it fills up in the area. We're hoping for the best though. :)

  • Has the KC area packet pick-up location/time been determined?

  • Deb, we're not going to do a KC-area packet pickup. I thought we would, but it's just not going to work out. You can pickup your packet on race-morning or at the pre-race briefing/dinner.

  • Ron, I'd reserve it at ahead of time, just to make sure you get one. You will also have to buy a park pass.

  • Danny, I am putting off signing up due to an injury that I REALLY hope to kick before the weekend. Is it possible to sign up at the pre-race dinner? I know you cannot guarantee a t-shirt size at that point, but I don't want to take my chances before then.

  • Danny, Coleen and All others. I am really excited about my first 100. I have been so impressed with the communication and all the work you guys have put in. I am anxious to meet each 1 of you. I am confident that I picked a great race as my first 100. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Thank you. Scott

  • AWWW!! Thanks Scott... that was music to my tired ears! I look forward to meeting all you runners and I especially look forward to handing finisher medals/mugs/buckles to each and every one of you! Spent the day marking course and doing some last minute trail grooming... things are looking great and the weather will be perfect!

  • Is there beer in the finisher mugs? :) I'll bring my own just in case.

  • Silly question, but I use Benzoin Tinctue under my KT tape for my feet. I'm pretty sure I am almost out. This is incredibly tough to find on short notice. Does anyone else happen to use this and happen to be bringing it?

  • The red blurred hawk design is awesome. But as a woman, I could do without pistol waiving bimbo that is along for the ride. Unfortunately, I don't see myself ever wearing my race shirt for that reason.

  • I'm sorry that you assume the woman on the Hawk is a bimbo....she is actually modeled on a woman with a doctrate in astrophysics. Thanks for coming to the race!

  • I am drinking coffee from my awesome finisher's mug this morning and wondering if it's dishwasher safe...

  • More than ever has a DNF felt so good. Race recap- felt awesome through50 miles. Around 60 my body fell apart... unannounced. HOWEVER the experience at the bunker hill aid station reflects the spirit of the people and the sport. The Sheridans, Paul S., Mark?, and my pacer Chad W. Did everything possible. Laid me on a mat, covered me with a blanket, tried to get me food and watched as I shook, cramped and vomited. After an hour or more... no recovery in sight... mark gave us a ride back. This combined with the job danny, coleen and All other volunteers did has me reflecting on this not as a fail... but as another opportunity to realize how fortunate we are to be part of a trail running family. I learned more from this race than the ones with a good finish. Thanks everyone.

  • Thanks so much to everyone involved with the race this weekend. Great course, beautiful scenery and awesome volunteers. I hope you do it again next year because I am recommending it to my running friends in Southwest Missouri.

  • I'm with "Bummed" on the T-Shirt, except I'm a man. I loved the quality of the shirt, but it went straight into the can, unfortunately. I just don't think my wife would understand me wearing it! In fact, I showed it to her, and she was less than amused. Coleen - education or lack thereof maketh not the bimbo! :-) For what it is worth, I saw a grand total of zero pistol wielding folks on the trails yesterday - thank God! Great race, well organized, I was super, super happy to finish my first 50 miler. I'll write a race report sometime soon. Oh, but even though I didn't think much of the shirt, my hot cup of tea in my finisher's mug this morning was wonderful, and I particularly liked the Trail Hawks drop bag. That was a nice touch! I'll make use of that over the coming years, no doubt.

  • You know, I see where you guys are coming from on the shirt. However, I'm not sure what else you expected; the design is on the website. I'm making no comment on taste, I promise. I guess I'm just saying you were warned. FWIW, I wore mine today.

  • Okay I must weigh in because I LOVE the SHIRT not being from here, and coming from the East Coast it is Awesome. This is the Wild West, it is a fun shirt, very original and I will be pimpin my the next time I wear a shirt. Keep the cool art coming it was on the website and thought how neat. If it were me she would have had a string Bikini top on!!!! See ya'll next year.

  • Great race. I brought five guys who were all first timers and I got calls from all of them this morning complimenting your race and the trail marking. It was a big hit. Thank you all so much for the hardwork and planning that made this whole thing possible.

  • Something tells me that these race directors are too classy to say what needs to be said... but I'll just say that it is pretty obvious that Bummed and Ben are Big Babies. Instead of throwing your shirts out, maybe you should use them as tissues to wipe away those alligator tears. This was an awesome event and although everyone has the right to an opinion maybe the Cleavers need to take it down a notch. No hard feelings.

  • Hi everybody - if you've got feedback on the shirt please e-mail me directly, let's leave it off this comment thread:

  • AWESOME RACE!!! Thanks for everything! I had a blast.

  • THANK YOU Coleen and Danny for an amazing race! I never thought I'd be able to top the memories of RR100, but this one was priceless and so very special to me. There is nothing better than running a 100 on your home turf and feeling ALL the love from our amazing Ultra running community throughout the entire day. You both are gracious and kind and I appreciate all the sacrifices you made for us to organize and put on this race.

  • This was a top nocth well organized race trail markings were flawless as far as I could tell aid station volunters were all awesome although nothing seemed to taste good after 60-65 miles (except those awesome cookies at park road)I'm sure it was good also the belt buckle is the biggest I've earned thus far awesome job DANNY,COLEEN,GARY,PHIL,STACEY AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO GAVE THEIR TIME FOR 35 HOURS+ FOR FREE THANK YOU AWESOME FLAWLESS JOB

  • Thank you very much for a well organized, well staffed race. I really enjoyed it. I don't see where you have race results posted?

  • Preliminary results at:

  • Had a blast Saturday completing my first marathon! Great volunteers and the trail was well marked, I have a tendency to get lost but had no problems in this race. Have been trying to find some pix of the day but having no luck. Have any been posted yet?

  • I hope to start getting photos posted either later tonight or else tomorrow. I'll be posting a gallery of about 350 photos that I've touched up a bit on the Trail Hawks' facebook page. In addition, I will be posting all of those photos along with another 1,200 or so photos from the race on the Trail Hawks' Flickr page which can be found via the link at the bottom of this webpage. I believe I got at least one sharp picture of everybody in each of the three distances, and I'm trying to get at least one of everybody in the facebook gallery. The extras that will be included on the Flickr site come from when I shot multiple pictures at once. I believe I've found the best shots for the facebook gallery, but everyone should find extras on the Flickr page. I will post an update here once the photos have been uploaded. Cheers, Chris Race Photographer

  • So I guess I want to add some kudos where kudos are due. I've run a few events, and I always consider it a huge blessing when one finds an aid station that is staffed with someone who truly is knowledgeable, who loves the sport, and who understands the games our bodies play with us when we run these events. It's a blessing when I find someone who knows how to treat my injuries and ailments and when I'm just being silly and should go run, rather than sit. But EVERY aid station was like this. Every aid station had someone who could help an ailing runner. Also, every aid station had someone who kicked me out of a chair (figuratively) at least once to go run when I wanted to quit. Aside from the lovely course, clear markings, etc., I would run this race again JUST because the volunteers were a fabulous asset to the race. I hope to see every single one of them next year. Cheers.

  • being a crew person, I had MANY opportunities to observe as I waited for my runner to come through. One thing I noticed was that a lot of runners wearing ear buds while listening to their music could not hear the aid station personnel trying to tell them they were going the wrong way. We had to chase several of them down and bring them back to do the short loop they just passed up. My suggestion would be that everyone is required to NOT have them for 1 whole loop. This way they are familiar with the course having been through it once already. On the subsequent loops they will already know the course and it won't cause them to go astray.

  • I just posted more than 350 photos from the Hawk Hundred into a gallery on the Trail Hawks' facebook page here: These same photos, along with about 1,200 more extras, will be uploaded shortly to the flickr page. Enjoy!

  • OK! It took longer than I'd hoped, but the flickr photo gallery is complete. There are 1,382 pictures for you to sort through. Enjoy!

  • Legendary work, Chris. Thanks so much for the pictorial memories!

  • The race video is done. It's primarily a tribute to the 100-milers, but we've got a little bit of the marathon and 50 as well. Enjoy!

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